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Below are highlights of press clips and interviews of Pam Dixon about her books, research, or non-profit privacy work from 1995 to present. Dixon has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, The Economist, National Journal, Newsweek, Time, US News and World Report, Modern Healthcare, Der Spiegel, and many other publications. Dixon’s television appearances include many national as well as local interviews, including appearances on CBS News’ “48 Hours ,” Good Morning America, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, PBS, MSNBC and others. Dixon had a weekly tech segment on Clear Channel for more than 7 years, and still conducts many other radio appearances from CBS to NPR to ABC and local affiliates.

For interviews:  please contact Pam Dixon at +1 760.470.2000, or you can reach her via World Privacy Forum at +1 760-712-4281 and




MODERN HEALTHCARE18 March 2015, Theft of clinical data could prove problematic for Premera, Adam Rubenfire.

FEDERAL INFORMATION AND NEWS DISPATCH18 March 2015, House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Information Technology Hearing, Cybersecurity: The Evolving Nature of Cyber Threats Facing the Private Sector, testimony of Edmund Mierzwinski, US PIRG.

MODERN HEALTHCARE17 March 2015, Cyberattack exposes data of 11 million Premera Blue Cross members, Adam Rubenfire and Joseph Conn.

CQ CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY16 March 2015, Death Master File Evaluation, Testimony of Judy C. Rivers.

CONSUMER REPORTS13 March 2015, What to do if your doctor asks for your Social Security Number, Diane Umansky.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE08 March 2015, Checking out what big data knows about you, Rich Lord.

ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION04 March 2015, Anthem breach spotlights fraud, Sean Sposito.

MODERN HEALTHCARE04 March 2014, Data breaches can lead to major medical identity theft issues, Darius Tahir and Bob Herman.

CBS NEWS WMEM18 February 2015, Your medical condition is for sale for cents on the dollar, Jennifer Emert. (broadcast)

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER15 February 2015, Anthem breach: here’s info you need dealing, Sheryl Harris.

NEWS BITES11 February 2015, CUNA tips and help members in wake of massive Anthem breach.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY10 February 2015, State telecom.

LARUE COUNTY HERALD NEWS10 February 2015, Anthem reports data breach, Laurel Wilson.

GLOBAL DATA POINT07 February 2015, Hackers see rewarding targets in health care companies.

THE MESSENGER07 February 2015, Kentucky among affected markets in Anthem data breach, Laurel Wilson.

THE NEW YORK TIMES07 February 2015, What Anthem customers should do next after data breach, Tara Siegel Bernard.

CBS THIS MORNING07 February 2015, The entire US health industry is shifting from paper to digital record keeping, Anthony Mason, Kris Van Cleave. (broadcast)

ASSOCIATED PRESS06 February 2015, Hackers see rewarding targets in health care companies, Tom Murphy and Brandon Bailey.

CBS EVENING NEWS06 February 2015, Hackers got their hands on as many as eighty million records at the country’s second largest health insurer, Anthem, Scott Pelley, Kris Van Cleave. (broadcast)

THE WASHINGTON POST, 06 February 2015, Medical data attractive to hackers, Andrea Peterson.

SAN MATEO DAILY JOURNAL06 February 2015, Hackers see rewarding targets in health care companies, Ted Bridis, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Murphy, Bailey.

KLAS 8 NEWS NOW06 February 2015, Medical ID theft, (broadcast).

TECHNOLOGY WIRE06 February 2015, …Hackers got their hands on as many as eighty million records, Scott Pelley.

VENTURA COUNTY STAR06 February 2015, Anthem vows to help clients, Tom Kisken.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES02 February 2015, Obama’s precision medicine database: How safe and private is the patient data?

INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK TIMES26 January 2015, Firms sift social media in search of school spirit, Technophoria, Natasha Singer.

THE NEW YORK TIMES25 February 2015, Your college may be banking on your Facebook likes, Natasha Singer.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER22 January 2015, Data privacy advocates welcome Obama’s support, with caveats, Jeff Gelles.

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER,  12 January 2015, Obama unveils broad privacy proposals for Americans and their kids, Sheryl Harris.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH04 January 2015, Like it or not, someone is rating you, Natasha Singer.

UK PROGRESSIVE03 January 2015, The Viagra Vote? Campaign research pushes the bounds of privacy,

WPRI, 01 January 2015, More insurance companies offering discounts for safe driving, Susan Hogan.


LIVETRADINGNEWS, 29 December 2014, Big Data helps politicians know voters better, Paul Ebeling.

POLITICO, 28 December 2014, The Viagra vote? Campaign research pushes the bounds of privacy, Darren Samuelsohn.

NEW YORK TIMES27 December 2014, The scoreboards where you can’t see your score, Natasha Singer.

HEALTH18 December 2014, What the Sony hack can teach you about your health privacy, Amanda MacMillan.

NEWS4JAX18 December 2014, Are you trading your privacy for a lower bill? Three questions to ask before using a plug-in device to save on auto insurance, Jodi Mohrmann.

WASHINGTON POST18 December 2014, Fitness trackers chase after the corporate market, Jena McGregor.

BIOMETRIC UPDATE16 December 2014, Wayne Memorial Hospital installs SafeChx fingerprint recognition scanner, Stephen Mayhew.

THE TIMES-TRIBUNE, 15 December 2014, Pennsylvania hospital unveils new identification technology, Michael Iorfino.

UBERWACHUNG (Germany), 10 December 2014, Wie aus dem Nichts, Thorsten Shcroder.

PBS NEWSHOUR, 09 December 2014, Ask the Headhunter: Does HR really need your Social Security Number? Nick Corcodilos.

FIERCEHEALTHPAYER01 December 2014, Hospital staff caught snooping, putting privacy and identity at risk, Jane Antonio.

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER29 November 2014, UH patient records tapped, employee gained improper access, Jon Caniglia.

WBZ-TV27 November 2014, Car insurance companies offer high tech ways for discounts, Kathryn Hauser. (Broadcast).

20 MINUTEN27 November 2014, Das andert sich ab Januar fur Facebook-Mitglieder.

CBC News, 25 November 2014, Social media terms of service may be trumped by Canadian law, Mark Collom.

THREATPOST, 24 November 2014, EFF, privacy groups say NIST crypto standards must be free from backdoors, Dennis Fisher.

LEGAL MONITOR WORLDWIDE, 25 November 2014, Social media terms of service may be trumped by Canadian law.

EATER20 November 2014, Are restaurants using tablets to spy on diners?

POLITICO19 November 2014, Uber’s PR stumble drives new privacy woes, Tony Romm.

CBS News 13 (Sacramento), 18 November 2014, CAll Kurtis investigates: Are restaurant tablets on the table spying on you? (Broadcast).

INLAND VALLEY DAILY BULLETIN17 November 2014, Invasion of medical records, hospital privacy, on the rise, Susan Abram.

PASADENA STAR-NEWS16 November 2014, Invasion of medical records, hospital privacy, on the rise, Susan Abram.

IT EXPERT (UA), 15 November 2014, Facebook privacy policy. (trans.)

BUSINESS SPECTATOR14 November 2014, Facebook gives its privacy policy a makeover, Reed Albergotti.

WALL STREET JOURNAL, 14 November 2014, Facebook gives its privacy policy a makeover, Reed Albergotti.

HUFFINGTON POST14 November 2014, Finding a cure for medical identity theft, Joe Ross.

FINANCIAL SERVICES MONITOR WORLDWIDE08 November 2014, Plugging in to save on car insurance.

WINK (CBS) NEWS07 November 2014, Plugging in to get insurance break, Katie Cribbs. (Broadcast).

WINK (CBS) NEWS30 October 2014, Is your doctor mining your data? (Broadcast).

INSIDE CYBER SECURITY29 October 2014, White House request attracts dozens of comments on privacy objectives, Christopher J. Castelli.

NEW YORK TIMES17  October 2014, The dark market for personal data, Frank Pasquale.

BUSINESS DAILY, UK, 14 October, 2014, Can Apple watch redefine insurance industry?

NEWS 409 October 2014, Is your doctor mining your data? Nikki Kimbelton, (Broadcast).

TARGETED NEWS SERVICE08 October 2014, Big data discrimination the focus of FTC workshop.

NATIONAL LAW REVIEW07 October 2014, Data Brokers Demystified (write up on IAPP panel), Meena Harris.

NEW YORK TIMES03 October 2014, Ways to Protect Yourself after the JP Morgan Hacking, Tara Siegel Bernard.

LEXOLOGY26 September 2014, Insights from the FTCs “big data” workshop, Steven A. Augustino, John J. Heitmann, Alysa Zeltzer Hutnik, Dana B. Rosenfeld, Christopher M. Loeffler and Sharon Kim Schiavetti.

CREDITCARDS.COM19 September 2014, 6 ways to outsmart data brokers, Kelly Dilworth.

BUSINESS WEEK18 September 2014, For Sale: Your Name and Medical Condition, Shannon Pettypiece and Jordan Robertson.

FIERCEBIGDATA17 September 2014, FTC on the dangers in consumer labeling and big data stereotyping, Pam Baker.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY16 September 2014, Industry Must Help Clarify Big Data’s Policy Future, as FTC, Congress Continue Research, Says Brill.

CNN Expansión (Mexico),16 septiembre 2014, 6 organizaciones que quieren lucrar con tu información.

THE CALGARY HERALD (Alberta), September 15 2014, Data miners tap into medical histories
Shannon Pettypiece and Jordan Robertson, Bloomberg

TECHWORLD15 September 2014, FTC warns of using big data to exclude consumers; The agency will enforce existing laws related to privacy and discrimination,the FTC’s chairwoman says, Grant Gross.

FEDSCOOP15 September 2014, Can the FTC protect consumers from the big data paradox? Greg Otto.

US OFFICIAL NEWS13 September 2014, Did You Know You Had Diabetes? It’s All Over the Internet, American Heart Association.

BLOOMBERG TV11 September 2014, How Big Data Peers Inside Your Medicine Chest.

NBC 5 Dallas Forth Worth, 11 September 2014, More choose to share weight loss with employers, Bianca Castro.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 09 September 2014, Apple Pay, Apple Watch enable wallet-free lifestyles but security experts have concerns over health data, Melissa J. Perenson.

MWUR TV Manchester, 09 September 2014, Who is buying your personal information?

CNN MONEY09 September 2014, Big Data: Who is buying your personal information?

THE PATRIOT POST05 September 2014, hacked.

THE STAR-LEDGER (Newark, New Jersey), 04 September 2014, Wearable device lets boss know you’re losing weight, Adam Satariano, Bloomberg News.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE01 September 2014, Backlash may hit fitness trackers; Firms aim to cut health costs; foes cite privacy fears,Adam Satariano.

TULSA WORLD31 August 2014, Spending: Retailers track your digital bread crumbs,Miriam Cross, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

BlOOMBERG TV25 August 2014, Asset-Backed Bonds Facing Tougher SEC Disclosure Rules.

MODERN HEALTHCARE25 August 2014, Huge CHS data hack puts hospitals on high alert, Joseph Conn.

BlOOMBERG TV21 August 2014, Wear This Device So the Boss Knows You’re Losing Weight.

DATENSCHUTZ18 August 2014, Über die Zukunft unserer Privatsphäre, Dirk Beutel.

THE MEDICAL QUACK17 August 2014, Senator Schumer of New York Calling for Privacy Protections With Sharing Data From Wearable Devices.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY11 August 2014, Agencies.

AMERICAN HEALTH LINE06 August 2014, Insurers Partner To Create Calif. Health Information Exchange.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS06 August 2014, Blue Cross, Blue Shield team up to create huge medical records data base, Tracy Seipel.

CONTRA COSTA TIMES, 06 August 2014, Blue Cross, Blue Shield team up to create huge medical records data base, Tracy Seipel.

KIPLINGER05 August 2014, Retailers tracking your cell phone signals, Miriam Cross.

LOS ANGELES TIMES05 August 2014, Online medical records coming, Tim Logan, Stuart Pfeifer.

Deutsch-Tuerkische-Nachrichten27 July 2014, Mit Chip zum Sport: Gesunde zahlen weniger Versicherung.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY25 July 2014, Open source code gives data collection, use notification for consumers, Cory Bennett.

BUSINESS INSIDER09 July 2014, How your doctor and insurer will know your secrets, even if you never tell them, Katie Jennings.

HENDRICKS COUNTY FLYER19 July 2014, Critics push specious privacy pitch.

CSO15 July 2014, Wearables: Are we handing more tools to Big Brother? Taylor Amerding.

POLITICO13 July 2014, Electronic health records ripe for theft, David Pittman.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER07 July 2014, Millions of electronic medical records breached, Ronald Campbell and Deborah Schoch.

MONEY MORNING03 July 2014, Facebook’s “experiment” is one more freedom slipping away, Shah Gilani.

WALLSTREETCHEATSHEET01 July 2014, Data policy implicates unethical Facebook emotion experiement, Jess Bolluyt.

CURVED01 July 2014, Facebook: Heimliche Studie ohne ausdruckliche Erlaubnis.

POLITICO01 July 2014, Experts: Health records hack coming, David Pittman.

FORBES30 June 2014, Facebook added “research” to user agreement 4 months after emotion manipulations study, Kashmir Hill.

CREDITCARDS.COM27 June 2014, Do predictive scores violate your privacy? Kelly Dilworth.

GOVERNMENT HEALTH IT24 June 2014, Could big data become big brother? Diana Manos.

FORBES20 June 2014, Why a San Francisco coffee shop stopped tracking cutomers’ phones, Kashmir Hill.

FORBES19 June 2014, Get ready for wearable tech to plug into health insurance, Parmy Olson.

BOBSULLIVAN18 June 2014, Nine surprising ways identity theft can hurt you, Bob Sullivan.

THE HILL02 June 2014, Privacy advocates eye new Apple feautres, Kate Tummarello.

CNN WIRE, 01 June 2014, Stop big data from getting your health information, Melanie Hicken.

BROADBANDBREAKFAST28 May 2014, Data brokerage industry i nthe hot seat, Marcus Hedenberg.

FINANCIAL TIMES27 May 2014, Data brokers start to feel the net tighten, Emily Steel.

WALL STREET JOURNAL27 May 2014, FTC wants more tranparency from data brokers, Elizabeth Dwoskin.

MAUXA.COM24 May 2014, Facebook, dietofront di Zuckerberg: check up della privacy ai propri utenti.

INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE24 May 2014, Facebook is changing its privacy policy, Vindu Goel.

THE NEW YORK TIMES23 May 2014, Some Privacy, Please? Vindu Goel.

THE NEW YORK TIMES22 May 2014, Facebook, in shift, to tighten privacy settings.

THE REPUBLIC09 May 2014, Secret consumer scores can be a big threat to ID theft victims, Mark Pribish.

THE NATIONAL INTEREST04 May 2014, REthinking property in the digital era, Jennifer McArdle.

THINK ADVISORMay 2014, Critical Care: The far reaching effects of medical identity theft, Marlene Y. Satter.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY22 April 2014, Industry, privacy groups clash in consumer scoring comments to FTC.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY21 April 2014, Privacy advocates expect FTC’s Chief Technologist to Accelerate data encryption, transparency work.

THE BALTIMORE SUN16 April 2014, Secret scores peg consumers, E. Scott Reckard.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 11 April 2014, Many companies quietly use data to judge identity, fraud, pregnancy; critics chide public’s inability to review numbers, correct factual errors, E. Scott Reckard.

US OFFICIAL NEWS10 April 2014, Data compiler’s secret scores have consumers pegged, fairly or not.

WCPO10 April 2014, Why a perfect credit score doesn’t matter.

USFINANCEPOST09 April 2014, Hidden consumer scores from data compilers are unregulated.

THE FRIDAY FLYER09 april 2014, Demystifying credit scores.

NBCNews.com09 April 2014, Here’s the real socre: Big data knows everything about you!

CNBC.com09 April 2010, Big data knows you’re pregant (and that’s not all)

THE FISCAL TIMES, 09 April 2014, When big data becomes big brother.

LOS ANGELES TIMES09 April 2014, Secret scores have consumers pegged — fairly or not, E. Scott Reckard.

CREDIT.COM08 April 2014, The credit scores you’ve never heard of.

FOX BUSINESS08 April 2014, Not all free credit scores are created equal.

BNA PRIVACY & SECURITY LAW REPORT, 07 April 2014, Consumer scores should ne regilated transparent, World Privacy Forum Says.

AL JAZEERA AMERICA07 April 2014, You’re being scored, you just don’t know it yet, Claire Gordon.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS04 April 2014, Secret scores supposedly reveal who consumers are, Dave Lieber.

PLAIN DEALER, 04 April 2014, New consumer scores taken from data profiles,Sheryl Harris.

SHEAR ON SOCIAL MEDIA LAW03 April 2014, The student privacy bill of rights, Bradley Shear.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY03 April 2014, Industry notes (Scoring report.)

FOX NEWS THE WILLIS REPORT02 April 2014, (discussion, scoring).

CNN WIRE02 April 2014, Big Data is secretly scoring you, Melanie Hicken.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS28 March 2014, Little known scores rank consumers value based on data from Web, apps, loyalty cards, Lindsay Wise.

McCLATCHY TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE27 March 2014, Little-known scores rank us, practices drawing scrutiny from FTC, Lindsay Wise.

CONSUMERIST20 March 2014, Predictive models, secret scores: how computers decide who you are, what to sell you, Kate Cox.

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS DAILY20 March 2014, Personalized, targeted ads raise discrimination concerns.

AMERICAN BANKER20 March 2014, Data brokers, consumer advocates spar over credit scoring’s gray area, Kevin Wack.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY20 March 2014, Consumer targeting allows personalized ads but raises discrimination concerns, FTC hears.

PAYMENTS SOURCE20 March 2014, Data brokers, consumer advocates spar over credit scoring’s gray area, Kevin Wack.

US OFFICIAL NEWS18 March 2014, FTC Announces agenda, panelists for Alternative Scoring Seminar.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL (CANADA), 01 March, 2014, Life after privacy, Susan Krashinksy.

CNN WIRE24 February 2014, New ways colleges target rich alumni, Melanie Hicken.

THE HERALD-DISPATCH14 February 2014, Businesses of all types need to protect data.

US OFFICIAL NEWS13 February 2014, Medical identity theft is on the rise.

DESERET MORNING NEWS11 February 2014, Your secret permanent records that are up for sale every day, Michael De Groote.

THE SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS08 February 2014, Identity theft isn’t just about credit cards, it’s about health, Michael Ollove.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY07 February 2014, Experts asked tough questions at NTIA Facial recognition code of conduct’s first meeting.

CNN MONEY28 January 2014, New ways colleges target rich alumni, Melanie Hicken.

LOS ANGELES TIMES21 January 2014, Envelope carries a privacy shocker, Matt Pearce.

UPI21 January 2014, OfficeMax exec apologizes to recipient of “daughter killed” mailer.

TRIANGLE BUSINESS JOURNAL17 January 2014, Some pharmacy blood pressure machines gather personal info — and sell it, REbecca Troyer.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS16 January 2014, Check your blood pressure, (unwittingly) sell your contact information, April Dembosky.

NPR15 January 2014, All Things Considered: After checking blood pressure, kiosks give sales leads to insurers, April Dembosky.

LOS ANGELES TIMES11 January 2014, If companies won’t guard our privacy, make ‘em pay, David Lazarus.

FIERCEHEALTH IT06 January 2014, Health kiosks may be full of privacy risks, Ashley Gold.

CANTECH LETTER03 January 2014, The future is happening, Tech Trends to watch in 2014, Terry Dawes.

– 2013 –


NPR WISCONSIN30 July 2013, Retail stores tracking you, Joy Cardin Interview w/ Pam Dixon.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY29 July 2013, NTIA Praises Mobile Privacy ‘Milestone’ While Stakeholders Debate Code of Conduct’s Finality.

NEW YORK TIMES26 July 2013, Under Code, Apps Would Disclose Collection of Data, Natasha Singer.

NEW YORK TIMES BLOGS (BITS)26 July 2013, Daily Report: Proposing a ‘Nutrition Label’ for Mobile Apps.

FIERCE MOBILE CONTENT26 July 2013, Mobile app code of conduct released, but industry remains largely silent, Mike Dano.


TARGETED NEWS SERVICE25 July 2013, Mobile App Transparency Code Moves Consumer Privacy Forward.

WALL ST. CHEAT SHEET,* 23 July 2013*, Is Googling Yourself Risking Your Online Privacy?

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY22 July 2013, Newest NTIA Mobile Privacy Draft More Flexible, Drafters Optimistic About Industry Response.

FOX NEWS INTERNATIONAL, WILLIS REPORT03 July 2013, Interview, Gerri Willis w/Pam Dixon on medical ID theft.

ASIAN HOSPITAL AND HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT, 29 June 2013, Can Banks Offer Digital Keys for Healthcare?

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY27 June 2013, Brill Outlines Data Broker Initiative, Says W3C Not ‘Silver Bullet’ for DNT.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY12 June 2013, Short-Form Policy Format, Inclusiveness Remain Sticking Points for NTIA Stakeholders.

THE BALTIMORE SUN11 June 2013, ID theft grows among seniors; Complaints by aged rise to 19%, Howard agency says, Eileen Ambrose.

LIBERTARIAN REPUBLICAN04 June 2013, Hey IRS, get off my cloud.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER26 May 2013, Beware the credit-search typo, Jeff Gelles.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY, 24 May 2013, Mobile Privacy Stakeholders Debate Language as NTIA Praises Progress.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY22 May 2013, Newest NTIA Mobile Privacy Draft Includes Shortened Preamble, No Platform Requirements.

FOX NEWS, WILLIS REPORT, 21 May 2013, Medical privacy at risk, Interview, Gerri Willis w/Pam Dixon.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY01 May 2013, FTC Won’t Commit to Safe Harbor for Apps that Sign Privacy Code.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY30 April 2013, NTIA Mobile Privacy Stakeholders Consider FTC Concerns in New Code of Conduct Draft.

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS25 April 2013, FTC Announces Agenda, Panelists for Upcoming Senior ID Theft Workshop, Pam Dixon panelist.

CNN NEWS WIRE18 April 2013, What your zip code reveals about you, Melanie Hicken.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY05 April 2013, NTIA Mobile Privacy Stakeholders Discuss Updates to Short-Form Notice Code.

CNN MONEY05 April 2013, What type of consumer are you?, Melanie Hicken.

WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS DAILY15 March 2013, Wireless news.

ENGADGET HD, 05 March 2013, Editorial: Countering ID theft requires better awareness campaigns, Editorial.

NEWSDAY, 04 March 2013, TOUGH TO CURE I.D. THEFT; Medical identity theft reports up 61.5 percent; Risk increases as records go electronic, experts say, Ridgely Ochs.

BUSINESS WIRE24 February 2013, 850 Interactive Advertising Industry Leaders Convene for the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting; Sold-Out Conference to Explore the Interplay Between Big Ideas and Big Data, Pam Dixon panelist.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY22 February 2013, NTIA Mobile Privacy Stakeholders Applaud Code of Conduct Progress.

THE VIRGINIAN PILOT17 February 2013, is it possible to choose a careerby taking a test? Joyce Lain Kennedy.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY15 February 2013, Newest NTIA Mobile Privacy Draft Includes Shortened Data Elements, Third-Party Lists.

THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE10 February 2013, Scammers at workL: Job seekers should be wary of online offers, Jenna Martin.

THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE08 February 2013, Job posting scams remain on the rise, Jenna Martin.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY01 February 2013, NTIA Stakeholders Debate Language of, Ability to Implement Voluntary Code.

THE VIRGINIAN PILOT31 January 2013, Health medical records in the palm of your hand.

VENTURE BEAT, 29 January 2013, Can you ever really delete yourself from the Internet?

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY, 18 January 2013, Mobile Privacy Stakeholders Debate Data Definitions.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY17 January 2013, Thursday NTIA Meeting to Focus on Short-Form Notice Draft.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY11 January 2013, California AG Releases Recommendations for App Developers.

BUSINESS WIRE09 January 2013, MorphoTrust General Counsel to Discuss Legal, Commercial Implications of Facial Recognition Technologies at CES.

– 2012 –

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY, 18 December 2012, NTIA Stakeholders debate status, wording of mobile privacy code.

THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE10 December 2012, Deal elusive in clarifying app data use, Natasha Singer.

THE NEW YORK TIMES09 December 2012, A tumultuous trip to mobile app transparency, Natasha Singer.

THE NATIONAL JOURNAL06 December 2012, The people, not Washington, will solve America’s everyday problems, Adam Mazmanian, James Oliphant, et al.

KASHMIR MONITOR (INDIA)19 November 2012, A palm reader that violates privacy.

THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE12 November 2012, Convenience versus the threat of identity theft, Natasha Singer.

THE NEW YORK TIMES11 November 2012, When a palm reader knows more than your life line, Nastash Singer.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS06 November 2012, Apple leads legal battle over e-commerce vs. privacy right in California court, Howard Mintz.

MARKETWIRE01 November 2012, SpiderOak to legislators: New policies urgently needed to protect privacy.

MAILONLINE24 October 2012, Watching you while you shop: the retailers using CCTV footage to analyze their customers’ spending habits.

MODERN HEALTHCARE01 October 2012, Into the breach, number of medical records being stolen, hacked and attacked continues to rise, Joseph Conn.

BUSINESS @ COMMUNITY.COM28 September 2012, B2B telemarketing vs consumer privacy.

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH23 September 2012, Data mining on the web troubles many, Aisha Sultan.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER09 September 2012, Web wealth, blocking medical identity theives, Reid Kanaley.

O ESTADO DE S. PAULO27 August 2012, Todos Nos tudo sobre, Errano.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY23 August 2012, Multistakeholder privacy talks slow to a crawl, Bryce Baschuk.

AMERICAL MEDICAL NEWS06 August 2012, Medical ID theft: double danger for doctors.

MONDAQ26 July 2012, MAC and IP addresses: personal information?

FIERCEGOVERNMENT IT25 July 2012, Data brokerage firms under spotlight, David Perera.

US NEWS.COM25 July 2012, How to apply for jobs safely, Miriam Salpeter.

JD SUPRA24 July 2012, MAC and IP Addresses: Personal information? Fraser Milner Casgrain, LLP.

CONGRESSIONAL DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS18 July 2012, Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law Hearing “What facial recognition technology means for privacy and civil liberties, Testimony by Jennifer Lynch, EFF.

COMPUTERWORLD12 July 2012, Privacy groups question NTIA’s focus on mobile privacy transparency, Grant Gross.

JORNAL FLORIPA07 July 2012, Mapa do genoma do consumidor a venda.

HEALTHCARE IT NEWS02 July 2012, California privacy law could ease, despite strong voter support, Erin McCann.

INVESTING ANSWERS29 June 2012, The 31 billion dollar health insurance mistake, and how to avoid it, Gina Roberts-grey.

CONGRESSIONAL DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS28 June 2012, Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committe Hearing; The need for privacy protections: Is industry self-regulation working? Testimony by Peter Swire, C. William O’Neill Professor of Law, Ohio State University.

GOVERNMENT HEALTH IT21 June 2012, 13 Ways to guard against mobile device risks, Michelle McNickle.

PROGRESSIVE MEDIA20 June 2012, Watchdogs ask Facebook to protect pre-teens.

WASHINGTON POST19 June 2012, Social networking site Facebook urged not to target ads to kids.

THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE18 June 2012, This giant knows all your secrets; Acxiom quietly gathers wealth of consumer data, then sells it, Natasha Singer.

NEW YORK TIMES17 June 2012, You for Sale, Mapping, and Sharing, the Consumer Genome, Natasha Singer.

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS18 May 2012, FTC announces final agenda and panelists for Workshop about advertising and privacy disclosures in online and mobile media, Office of Public Affairs.

POLITICO17 May 2012, Facebook IPO pits privacy vs. profits, Michelle Quinn, Tony Romm.

MODERN HEALTHCARE, 16 April 2012, Wake-up call; Fraud may come later in historic Utah hacking case, Joseph Conn.

BLOGCRITICS.ORG SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 13 April 2012, ID thieves target Uncle Sam.

FIERCEPRACTICEMANAGEMENT11 April 2012, Avoid Doc ID theft, Debra Beaulieu.

MODERN HEALTHCARE02 April 2012, Domino Effect: Companies challenged to step up privacy efforts, Joseph Conn.

MSNBC, 02 April 2012, Weak links make data breaches possible, Herb Weisbaum.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS23 March 2012, Facebook warns employers seeking passwords, Levi Sumagaysay.

ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION12 March 2012, Privacy, state is 2cnd in ID theft reports, Katie Leslie.


WASHINGTON POST23 February 2012, Voluntary plan for Internet privacy, Cecilia Kang.

GANNETT NEWS SERVICE12 February 2012, Health information breaches put patients at risk for ID theft, Robin Erb.

HEALTH CARE RENEWAL08 February 2012, EHRs.

USA TODAY06 February 2012, Hospitals mine data for customers, Phil Galewitz, Kaiser Health News.

COMPUTER NEWS MIDDLE EAST25 January 2012, Google to combine users’ data across its services.

THE PANTAGRAPH22 January 2012, Those Facebook posts could cost you a job, Steve Johnson.

PITTBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW18 January 2012, Job applicants’ social media sites scrutinized, SJMN.

THE STAR PHOENIX18 January 2012, Facebook posts could cost you a job, Steve Johnson.

– 2011 –

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS, 21 November 2011, FTC Announces agenda, panelists for facial recognition workshop, Office of Public Affairs.

STATES NEWS SERVICE, 03 November 2011, Privacy advocates support Occupy Wall Street.

CONSUMER REPORTSNovember 2011, Protect your medical ID.

US FED NEWS24 October 2011, House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee conducts hearing on consumer attitudes on privacy.

AMERICAN MEDICAL NEWS17 October 2011, Medical ID theft a growing problem, Pamela Lewis Dolan.

WASHINGTON INTERNET DAILY14 October 2011, Lawmakers split over online privacy legislation.

CQ CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY13 October 2011, Consumer attitudes about privacy; House Energy and Commerce;Subcommittee: Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade, Testimony by Pam Dixon.

FD WIRE11 October 2011, Press Club News Event, Yes They Know It’s You: The digital collection of personal information from consumers, ACLU, World Privacy Forum, Consumer Action, FTC Commissioner Jon Leibowitz et. al.

MSNBC23 August 2011, Security flaw could expose credit card data, Herb Weisbaum.

AMERICAN HEALTH LINE16 August, 2011, Privacy advocates seek stricter privacy, security regulations.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE16 August 2011, Facebook stops drugmakers’ comment feature, Victoria Colliver.

CENTER FOR PUBLIC INTEGRITY IWATCH NEWS12 August 2011, Privacy advocates want stricter rules for online, patient-controlled health records, Kimberly Leonard.

FINS12 August 2011, Blasting your resume everywhere can hurt your job search, Alina Dizik.

HOSPITAL IMACT, 11 August 2011, Tips for patient data security: Policies, education, funding.

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