Book: Job Searching Online for Dummies

Job Searching Online for Dummies (1st & 2cnd editions, IDG Press) was an important book for me. This book allowed me to fully update Be Your Own Headhunter Online and create new knowledge and tools around online job searching. This is also the book where I dove deeper into the privacy issues at the online job search sites. Through interviews over a period of three years during the two revisions of this book, I came to hear, see, and understand copious stories of what was happening to job seekers’ information on the back end of the resume databases and job search websites. Eventually, I used this knowledge to conduct full-scale privacy research on the issue at the University of Denver under the guidance of Richard M. Smith, a well-known privacy and security expert.

It was wonderful to break so much new ground in the area of job searching online. From 2003 through 2006, this was an important part of my writing and research. I still work on this topic from a privacy angle, but not as much from a “post-your-resume-here” angle. — Pam Dixon