Book: Online Privacy


Online Privacy, ABC-CLIO 2011/2012, was a wonderful book-writing experience. I co-authored the book with longtime writing collaborator, Bob Gellman, who is a genius writer and editor. The deadline was reasonable, and the editors from acquisition to the copy level were gracious and capable. I wrote the book in the US with Bob, and then in an intriguing twist of fate, I was in India on a project when the book went through copyediting and pre-publication.

It turns out, the copyeditors and the prepublication were also located in India, in Chennai. This ended up being a very good thing, as I was able to complete the page proofs and turn them in within the same time zone, easing deadline-time zone issues. When I had questions, calling the editors up was no problem. When I couldn’t finish a particular set of edits due to a lengthy rolling power outage, the editors, who had also experienced this issue, understood completely. It was a thoroughly unique experience, and very smooth. Despite the blackouts, there was no drama, and everything came out on time and in great shape.

The book itself was my first book focused just on privacy. Because it was an academic reference work, it distilled a lot of the work both Bob and I had done over the course of about a decade. It was worth all of the effort, and I am still happy with the decision to write this book. — Pam Dixon